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Testimonial: Arno Agman. Medical Tourism Facilitator Specialist

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dentistry in costa rica

I decided to share my story in hopes to maybe prevent, or at least reduce, some stressful lengthy moments of frustration surfing an interminable web of information when it comes to medical tourism. People often share their sense of fear to go abroad for medical treatments, which I understand. According to the World Health Organization, their are 36 countries that rank higher in providing health care than the United States. In dentistry, Costa Rica ranks in the top five in the world. Research is usually a good way to educate yourself on the matter; as I did at first.

For many years Dupont Travel has sent clients overseas to seek the quality medical treatment they could not afford at home. This year, we are proud to add a few board-certified surgeons from Costa Rica and Colombia to our list !



Nearly $13,000 at home VS under $6,000 in Costa Rica.
If you have an idea of the type of dental treatment you need, the medical experts at New Smile will provide you with a detail range of costs for your treatment to help you budget your trip. In terms of travel costs, we will package the trip to reduce all costs possible.

It began a few years back when I found out I needed a bone graft on my jaw as a prerequisit to any other treatment. I wish the Virginia dentist who extracted my tooth had given me the option to graft instead of leaving it as is. A few months later, another one spent two hard-working hours to insert a crown that did not fit well only to find out it was not the right one. But luckily, there was no damage. In any case, the graft, implant and four crowns were evalutated by a Maryland dentist at $15,000, and a 4 months waiting period for the graft. The high cost and the past experiences helped fueled the guts to make that first international call.


Most of our lives we have been taught these do not go together. It’s always one after another, with 'pain' leading before pleasure. Not anymore. Being a student of both schools, I choose the order and have spent time in a B & B inside a coffee plantation after surgery, or enjoyed an excursion with zip lines and river rafting near the pacific coast spending a few nights in a bamboo cabin waking up to the sound of the 28 bird sounds I counted. So, which one first...pain...or pleasure...

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The Costa Rica clinic quoted me around $6,000 for the graft, four crowns, two implants and a deep cleaning - not to mention the warranty they offer to support the professional medical treatment they provide.


- Full mouth restoration
- Dental implants
- Porcelain veneer
- Crowns & bridges
- Cleaning, stain removal & laser whitening

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Still a skeptic, but one in constant pain, I made an appointment with the clinic in the following weeks for a two crowns-treatment. Being one of the few clinic that has its own dental laboratory within the facility, I was done by the second day. The same day, I was offered the option to undergo non-invasive graft surgery during the same trip, which I did the next morning thanks to a very accommodating U.S. educated surgeon. I knew I was in good hands when I insisted on showing my bone density scan from a state university medical center in Maryland. Yet it is normal procedure to use a current tomography, and proceeded with theirs. The doctor compared both at my request and explained that their clinic&rsquos advanced dental imaging scan displayed a more detailed bone density depth and panoramic view of the area to establish the adequate prognostic. I knew then I was in good hands.


We would like to share with you our 20 years of travel expertise through all corners of Costa Rica to make your medical experience a truly memorable one. Sometimes, 3-star hotels can be more comfortable than 4-star ones.
Most travel tourism services will leave you at the mercy of a tour operator to organize your trip, which may be just fine. In our case, we personalize your trip based on your needs and tourism preferences and will supervise all aspects of your trip. In fact, as Dupont Travel’s official Certified Medical Tourism Specialist (CMTS), I may accompany you on a trip.

Four months of healing while reading all sorts of horror stories on grafting on internet blogs - then came the implants.
I admit that local US dentists did not support my choice, on the contrary, kept warning me of possible poor medical treatment outside the US, and even shared unfriendly stories. Well, as for my first experience with the crowns, and a graft that was a success, with limited pain, high efficiency, exra comfort and well being, I took my chances and returned for two implants with the same surgeon who, by the way, is trilingual, as most of the staff. The worst part of the implant was once again, the reading period!


The country has been the Central and South American leader in medical tourism for years and one of the top choices for Europeans, especially with dental treatment. Flight time from New York to San Fransisco can exceed seven hours. Charlotte, NC to San Jose, Costa Rica is less than 3 hours away. Costa Rica was ranked 36th by the World Health Organization (WHO) which was higher than the U.S.
For a country the size of Massachussets, you can visit more than 30 natural hot springs, 26 national parks, bird sanctuaries and white untouched pacific and caribbean beaches.

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Costa Rica’s proximity to the United States, political stability, highly ranked healthcare system (ranked higher than the U.S.), top notch private health facilities, and high standard of living compared to other Latin American countries make it a prime destination for medical tourists.

Surprisingly, the immediate load implant was rather...immediate and painless. In fact, I never even took any painkillers I was given in case of an outburst of pain. Implant surgery has been stigmatized unfairly, especially when cavities are much more painful. I was surprised to find out that both implants were inserted at once, and also researched the material to find out it came from the same manufacturer as most US dentists.

I already felt the special treatment at the airport when I was greeted by a NewSmile representative to let me know the chauffeur will take me to my hotel, even before clearing custom...And everyday, as needed, a chauffeur in a beautiful new van would pick me up and drop me back to the hotel from the clinic.


The Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited three hospitals in Costa Rica, all located in San Jose. Popular procedures sought by medical tourists include cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, gynecology, and dental.

As for the choice of hotels, I had a chance to visit most of them to establish a preferred selection for all levels of comfort or budgets, which explains why we do not offer pre-designed packages but customize all travel arrangements based on personal need or choice.


Unlike most web site testimonials, you can contact me directly at if you have any questions, or visit to discuss the customized medical alternatives they can offer you, and contact our office to discuss travel arrangements.


To receive our preferred rates with Global Dental Tourism, make sure you mention you were referred by Dupont World Travel in D.C.

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Customers’ Review

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Full set of teeth
Reply #1 on : Fri March 20, 2015, 08:37:25
I did not believe you would actually offer a free ticket to Costa Rica but when I called your partner company at Global Dental, they confirmed it.
In a few words, and more importantly, I received the best dental treatment from New Smile's board-certified surgeons with a fantastic professional service and modern clinic where everyone speaks english perfectly, that was rather impressive.
Thank you to Isabelle and Arno at the Travel Network for their diligence in working out the flights and the hotel.

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