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One Way fare samples

  • Rome-Zurich from $ 350
  • DC-London from $ 350
  • DC-Zurich from $ 350
  • NY-London from $ 350
  • LA-Rome from $ 350 Forecast by NWS



Cruises & Vacations

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Websites are good for gathering the basics in a hurry, but you can only do so much online. If you have questions about what kind of people a ship attracts, the dress code at dinner, or whatever the best resource is a knowledgeable travel agent. One agent, after matching's $449 price on Royal Caribbean, also warned about a detail no website made clear: At that rate, the cabin wasn't pre-assigned, meaning that it could be in an especially loud location over the engine. Agencies may also have exclusive access to perks, like complimentary upgrades or airport transfers. Most agents don't tack on a service charge for cruises, but you should be sure to ask.

Agency VS Cruise Line...

Why book your cruise trip with us?

Good question.
It seems more convenient to just call the cruise company directly. Yet, here are the reasons that may affect your decision.

  • Cruise companies will only sell their cruise line to you. We will suggest the right cruise line based on your destination, budget or number of days you want.
  • Cruise companies will NOT tell you the bad points and extra charges on their ship. We will.
  • Cruise companies have contracts with specific airlines to fly you to the docking city, most limited to two airlines. We have no limit, and will find the least expensive or most convenient flight to get to the ship.
  • Booking directly with the cruise company will NOT save you money necessarily; however, packaging the air portion with the cruise together through us may save you up $150/person.

Temperatures vary according to regional climate and season. For river cruises, bring comfortable walking shoes, a sweater, clothes you can layer and an all-weather jacket. Some religious sites may require modest dress to enter (no shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops). France - Spring and Fall: 45–60°F; Summer: 60–80°F; Winter: 30–45°F. Click the link below for temperature by country and season.

European temperature chart

Click the button to have an idea of average temperatures by country and seasons in Europe.

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Check the list of cruises we offer from Sailing the Alaska coast down to the Caribbean Sea, to European river cruises through Provence or across the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea.

  • Cruises & Vacations
    Western Caribbean
    5 nights – from $518/person - OCEAN VIEW
  • Cruises & Vacations
    Exotic Southern Caribbean
    14 nights – from $1,449/person – Ocean View
  • Cruises & Vacations
    Immersive European Wine Cruise
    12 nights – from $1,099/person – Ocean View
  • Cruises & Vacations
    Family-friendly Disney Cruise
    Several Disney Magic Cruise Itineraries
  • Cruises & Vacations
    European River Cruises
    9 Day Rhone & Saone River Cruise (from $3,109)
  • Cruises & Vacations
    Alaska Southbound Cruise
    7 Night from $670 (stateroom)
  • Cruises & Vacations
    Caribbean Islands with Windstar cruises
    7 days – St. Maarten to St. Maarten (From $1,399/person)

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