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Monthly Special

Monthly Family Special

(2 adults – 2 children)

4 night Bahamian cruise from


One Way fare samples

  • Rome-Zurich from $ 350

  • DC-London from $ 350

  • DC-Zurich from $ 350

  • NY-London from $ 350

  • LA-Rome from $ 350

Round Trip

  • DC-HONG KONG from $672 Forecast by NWS


Family-friendly Disney Cruise

On the Disney magic

Several Disney Magic Cruise Itineraries

The Disney Magic is a majestic, family-friendly Disney Cruise Line ship that takes Guests of all ages on exciting vacations to exotic destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Northern Europe. This ship blends classic beauty and grace with all the modern luxuries, technology and comforts that make cruising a pleasure.

Disney Magic Cruise Itineraries

There are lots of different excursions. Full day, half day. Active ones, and others where you can sit back andjust take in the sights. You can even rent your own private car and be your own tour guide. Sounds like fun,right? We thought so.

  • 4-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • 5-Night Canada & New England Coast Cruise
  • 6-Night Western Caribbean Cruise
  • 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise
  • 7-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise
  • 8-Night Bahamian Cruise
  • 8-Night Western Caribbean Cruise
  • 12-Night Mediterranean Cruise
  • 14-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise to Barcelona
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