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  • Rome-Zurich from $ 350

  • DC-London from $ 350

  • DC-Zurich from $ 350

  • NY-London from $ 350

  • LA-Rome from $ 350

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  • DC-HONG KONG from $672
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Outside Sales Agents

for travel and outside sale agents

The Dupont Travel Network is seeking experienced outside sales agents and small businesses for commission based sales. Dupont Travel is a leader in the nation’s capital for governmental and corporate travel, both domestically and internationally. Dupont Travel’s OSAN is a program designed to offer your small business the opportunity to sell travel options to your clients.

The OSAN program is a great opportunity to increase your monthly revenue with the marketing and name of an established leader in the community.


 By definition, an Outside Sales Agent is someone involved in the marketing and selling of travel products from a location outside of the host travel agency.  An Outside Sales Agent is at liberty to work from home or another office location including internationally.

The Dupont Travel Network offers a wide range of travel services all over the world including but not limited to:

  • Honeymoons and weddings
  • Vacation Packages and Tours
  • Private jet and limousine rental
  • Helicopter tours
  • Convention and Meeting Planning
  • Exclusive pricing for airline tickets (Coach,Business,First)


The cost of starting a start up business can be astronomical considering the need for office, operating expenses, staff and all necessary licenses and requirements.  The Dupont Travel Network allows Outside Sales Agents to work from home or your office without meeting any minimum sales quotas or objectives.

The schedule of fees and commissions are unlimited but straightforward.  Commission from suppliers and vendors is divided equally 50% between Dupont Travel and the outside agents.  In addition, there is no limit to the amount of commissions an agent may earn. 

For example, a basic 7 night cruise with a preferred cruise line can cost $1200 per person.   With a commission structure of 20%, the commission structure would afford $120 per person so a cruise for 10 people would net the outside sales agent $1200. 

In addition to earning extra income, profitable agents may be eligible to receive the IATAN card after meeting certain requirements.  The IATAN card is the official card of the travel agent industry and provides discounted rates for hotels and airlines.  IATAN agents are also invited to participate in free or low cost familiarization trips (FAMs). 


The Dupont Travel Network provides training at no cost to you.  It is easy to get started as there is NO SIGN UP FEES…..just a small monthly administrative fee of $49 per company (unlimited number of agents) or a flat yearly fee of $500.  Other companies charge upwards of $200 - $400 per year, per person!  You may cancel at any time with 30 days written notice.  If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, we also offer an initial refund valid for the first 30 days so you have nothing to lose.


 The Dupont Travel Network works with a wide gamut of vendors and suppliers to find you the best possible travel deal or enhanced travel experience available.  We realize that no single vendor exists that will offer the best rates, higher commissions or most trustworthy services so we have selected a list of preferred vendors for you compiled from years of experience in the travel field. Other travel companies will persuade you with the idea of convenience with one single vendor to use which can greatly limit the travel options available to you. 


  Dupont Travel has been in business for 30 years and is an established corporate entity in the Washington, DC community

  • No set up fees
  • Low administrative fees based on company (not limited to per person as other travel companies will assess fees
  • Exclusive access to special airline fares and hotel rates not available to the general public or online
  • Access to our host agency resources including catalogs and brochures
  • Dupont Travel is licensed and bonded so you may rest reassure should an airline or hotel go bankrupt or travel disrupted, your clients will have options available

 Because you will work with the expansive support of an established host travel agency and use our credentials to your advantage, we are very selective in the people who join our network. 
Now is the time to take the next step in establishing your own home based business. 

Please contact Christian – the OSAN Recruiter at info@traveldupont.com



Will I be an employee of The Dupont Travel Network?

No, you would be an Independent Contractor and responsible for paying your own taxes in your own state.  This allows greater personal freedom as you may work part-time, full-time or seasonally as needed. You can work around children’s school hours, college classes, etc.  Also, The Dupont Travel Network promotes from within and would not exclude any possibilities of career expansion should a perfect position become available or created as needed.  We additionally encourage all of our travel agents to continue their travel education through organizations like

How do I get customers?

Everyone travels nowadays.  You may begin with your own travel, other workers and family members.  You may also wish to consider group travel as schools plan trips, people get married and churches may conduct a religious study tour as well.  The potential is everywhere.  You are also free to advertise in local paper or communities.

Why charge fee if sales are commission based?

Any administrative processes will incur expenses.  We try to keep ours as low as possible and most importantly as our reputation is on the line, hope the monthly fee will attract Outside Sales Agents who are serious about establishing their own business. In addition, fees also pay for mandatory insurance for travel agencies in the event of erroneous ticketing and to pay for the bonded license for travel protection in the event of a travel supplier or vendor bankruptcy.

I live abroad, can I join The Dupont Travel Network?

Yes, however you will be paid in US currency.  In addition, you will still be subject to preparing your own taxes.

Do I need insurance for ticketing errors or if a company goes bankrupt?

Dupont Travel fully licensed and bonded so you may rest assure your customers are protected.

What is preferred method of communication?

Most answers to questions may be found online.  Should you not find the answer you are seeking, email is the preferred method for faster responses.  In addition, The Dupont Travel Network has various phone numbers in countries in Europe and Asia so that you may find a local number to call and request assistance or leave a message. 

How will I book trips?

After you join our network, you will receive the user’s manual and the necessary training to begin.

Do we do price matching?

No. Our rate is the only rate we offer.

Can I charge a service fee to my clients?

Yes, if you can collect the fee yourself. However, to avoid confusion, you will have to justify the fee to your client so they do not feel 'cheated'.

When will I be paid for my bookings and how?

It depends on the vendor’s/consolidator’s speed, but usually between 15 and 30 days. You will receive a check from Dupont World Travel.

Are there any other hidden charges?


Is experience necessary?

No, everyone can do it, however, geography knowledge and sales experience always helps in attracting new clients

How do I know this is not a scam?

There is no setup fee and you can also verify our credentials at our physical office along with many of our long-term clients in the DC area

What if I decide this is not right for me?

Neither the OSA nor Dupont Travel Network are tied to a contract, so we can terminate our relationship any time

How soon can I start and make bookings?

As soon as you are ready for your clients

Can I use my own travel website?

As a promotion tool - yes. But you must book the tickets through our site or our air consolidators' websites.

How do I charge customers?

For airfare:

1) Payments are made on traveldupont.com AFTER you made a reservation

2) Payments can also be made via the consolidators' website for international flights

For Vacation Packages and cruises:

Payments are made through the vacation consolidator's website you have used (VAX, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruises....)


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