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One Way fare samples

  • Rome-Zurich from $ 350

  • DC-London from $ 350

  • DC-Zurich from $ 350

  • NY-London from $ 350

  • LA-Rome from $ 350

Round Trip

  • DC-HONG KONG from $672 Forecast by NWS




Fees & Payments

We offer 24hr services via cell phone, email or text. (Corporate clients only). Contact us now


Our fee schedule is determined by the difficulty of our trip reservation; however, they cover the 24hr service we offer via cell phone, email or text. (Corporate clients only).

  • Domestic Tickets:$25
  • International Tickets: from $50
  • Change fees (after ticket issuance):$30(the airline will charge up to $250!)

Corporate Travel Fees

Corporate travel fees include a variety of extra services that have proven useful in case of emergency while traveling in remote areas of the world (local contacts, text messaging, 24 hours contact)

  • International Ticket: From $50 (multiple changes included)
  • Domestic Tickets:From $30
  • Change fees (after ticket issuance):From $30(the airline will charge up to $250!)




We accept all major credit cards; however, we will NOT charge a card without verifying the identity of an unfamiliar traveler – in person. We accept the following:

  • All major credit cards
  • Paypal (we will send you an email with a form allowing you to pay with a credit card via Paypal)
  • Check and cash

10 Reasons to...

...purchase a Travel Insurance There are hundreds of circumstances that could cause you to cancel your trip, return home...[+]

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24/7 support

Where ever you are in the world, we want to make sure you can find us when you need it....[+]

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